WCSD Dual Immersion Overview

What Is Dual Language Immersion?

Students Dual language programs, broadly defined, are bilingual educational programs in which students reach high levels of proficiency in two languages, gain an understanding and appreciation of the cultures associated with each language and meet or exceed achievement goals in core academic areas.

Who participates in DLI programs?

One-way dual language programs are made up students predominantly from one language group, either the partner language or English. The term one-way refers to language exposure where students learn the language from a highly qualified, advanced speaker of the partner language. The language and culture are transmitted “one-way” from the teacher to students.

A minimum of 70% Native Speakers of English and 30% native speakers of Spanish populate Two-way dual language immersion programs with the goal being a 50/50 ratio. Language exposure in this model is two-way, meaning students learn English and Spanish and the associated culture from the teacher(s) and the other students.

How is it implemented?

DLI models vary across the country in order to best meet the demographic or population served in each county or district. The division of instruction time each day, student population and content allocation depend on the needs of the students in the program.

In Utah 50% of the instructional time is facilitated in English while the other 50% is in the partner language. Content is allocated for primary instruction in each language varying per grade level. For example, in Utah Science and Spanish literacy primary instruction is taught in Spanish in 4th-5th grades while English Language Arts, Math and Social Studies is taught in English. Primary instruction is supported by “the bridge” which is instruction provided in the other language to connect, compare, and contrast academic concepts, culture, and language.

Cultural concepts are embedded in the curriculum in addition to special programming and events. Students learn from teachers either from countries where the partner language is spoken or heritage speakers. They are immersed in the cultural practices of the partner language and explicitly learn about cultural attributes including history, customs, attitudes, traditions, innovations, Arts and Literature.

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WCSD's Spanish Dual Immersion Program

Multilingualism and multicultural education are core values in the Wasatch County School District and the DLI team, works together to ensure ALL DLI students meet their academic, linguistic, and sociocultural learning goals preparing them to be college, career, and society ready.

All schools offer Spanish as the partner language and follow the Utah Dual language immersion 50/50 model where 50% of the instructional time is conducted in Spanish.

Elementary Schools and Programs

Heber Valley Elementary -Two-Way DLI 

J.R. Smith Elementary – Two-Way DLI

Daniels Canyon Elementary – Two-Way DLI

Old Mill Elementary – One-Way DLI

Midway Elementary – One Way DLI

How do I Apply

How do I apply for a dual language immersion program? Individual schools and districts enroll students in dual language immersion according to their own policies and procedures. DLI Lottery application link opens April 15 – May 6, 2024

Our DLI Teachers

There are 69 DLI teachers who teach grades K-12, 30 elementary English teachers and 39 elementary and secondary Spanish teachers. We are fortunate to employ teachers from various Spanish-speaking countries including Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico and U.S. born heritage Spanish teachers. Not only do the international teachers teach content through language, but they also share their rich cultural knowledge and practices with WCSD students through cultural lessons, literature, art, dance, music, and history.