School Choice Procedures

At Wasatch County School District, we believe that student learning relates directly to the environment in which a student receives instruction. 

As Wasatch County continues to grow exponentially, it has become necessary for the District to examine School Choice procedures to ensure that we have room at each school to accommodate the students within that school’s boundaries. To that end, we are introducing a new School Choice policy, the result of which is to close open enrollment at the schools listed below to students who live outside the boundaries. Students who currently attend, but live outside the boundaries of, a closed school will be able to continue attending that school.

Within each school, a variance from the “Closed” status has been identified, which means a principal of a “Closed” school may take additional students just before start of school if there is space on grade with no additional staffing.

The process for applying to attend a school outside of your student’s current boundaries through School Choice can be found by clicking here for students within Wasatch County School District, or here for students not within our district. Please open the documents using your internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) to access a fillable form; the form can also be printed out and completed.