About Wasatch County School District

Covering 1,177 square miles, Wasatch County School District serves the educational needs of the entirety of Wasatch County, including Heber City, Deer Mountain, Jordanelle, Midway, Wallsburg, Daniel and Charleston.

Located in one of the state’s fastest growing areas, the district represents a diversified community including: approximately 33% economic disadvantaged, 5% limited English proficient, and 6% students with disabilities. 

Currently, the district consists of one high school, 2 middle schools, and 5 elementary schools, utilizing a PreK-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade-level configuration. We are ethnically comprised of 78% Caucasian, 21% Hispanic, <1% American Indian, <1% Asian, <1% African American, and <1% Pacific Islander. 


Ensuring all students obtain all the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to reach their personal goals and be a productive, contributing member of our society.  


Values/Collective Commitments

  1. We value being strong stewards of the school and our community:
    1. We commit to partnering with students and parents to understand each students’ individual goals.
    2. We commit to collaborating with other community, civic, university and business leaders to help meet the needs of society.
  2. We value equitable access to academic knowledge, school activities, and achievement.
    1. We commit to high academic standards with personalized support to reach those standards.
    2. We commit to creating opportunities for all students to participate in educational opportunities that will develop skills and dispositions.
  3. We value civic preparation and engagement
    1. We commit to engaging and partnering with parents, community leaders, universities, and business leaders.
    2. We commit to teaching and developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will allow our local community, state, nation, and world to thrive.
  4. We value engaged learning through a nurturing pedagogy
    1. We commit to recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining administrators, teachers, and other school employees that value relationships, strive for best teaching practices, and create engaging and safe learning environments.
    2. We commit to schools that are physically, socially, and emotionally safe.
    3. We commit to providing engaging school activities that connect students to their school communities.
  5. We value a commitment to renewal
    1. We commit to the tenants of a professional learning community to renew our professional practices as educators.


  1. Become the highest-achieving district in the state as measured by national and state tests.
  2. Become a nationally recognized model PLC district.
  3. Have all secondary students involved in an activity that connects them to the school (extracurricular activities, clubs, houses, etc.)