SIS Overview

The Student Information System allows parents to look-up student grades and attendance (limited access during the summer), update student contact information when changes occur (including email addresses), and verify student contact information prior to re-enrollment each year. To top it all off, you’re able to do this for all of your students from a single login!

How to start Using SIS

Locate Student ID

You can find a Student ID in the following places: (may be referred to as Student Number)
   Report Card
   Progress Report
Ask Your Student
   Student Body Card
   Lunch Number
Visit the School
sis help

Create a Parent Account

A username and password will be required to initiate the registration process. Prior to that time, you will need to complete the following:



  • If you know your username and password, you can enter it here.
  • If you have not set up a username and password, click on Request a Username.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password?
Forgot password  
Once you have successfully logged into the SIS, please verify and, if needed, update your student’s information. Now you will be prepared to complete the online registration process!  

Edit Parent's Contact Information

After getting to the Parent’s Edit Screen.
Contacts may edit their own First Name and Last Name. 
Edit contact
Email Address: This is the Contact’s email not the Student’s email
Edit Contact
The Synchronize option allows you to save the entered Address and Phone data without editing other Contact and Students.

Add Emergency Contact Information

After getting to the Emergency Contact’s Edit page.
Name may include relationships if you desire such as ‘Grandma Pearl Pebble Slaghoople’ 
E Contact
Two phone numbers may be added.
For each Child you can specify that this Emergency Contact:
  • Should be called before other Emergency Contacts,
  • May be released to this Emergency Contact at any time
  • Is an Emergency Contact for this Student

Wait, My contact already has an account, but it's not me!

An account may have been created using your contact before you had the opportunity.
  • Contact the school and prove your identity.
  • Ask them to look-up or change the password.
  • Optionally, ask the school to change the Username.