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Rules of Order

Proposed Rules of Order for J.R. Smith Elementary 1. General discussion of the agenda item 2. Motion 3. More discussion 4. 2nd the motion 5. Vote on motion with a quorum present and simple majority passing 


Co-Chairman: Erin Sabey

Co-Chairman:Denise Marshall

Community Members

  1. Liz Heywood – liztheywood@gmail.com                  
  2. Jessica McDonald – jessabyjewelry@gmail.com               
  3. Erin Sabey – eringalesabey@gmail.com
  4. Edwin Clements – edwinclements@hotmail.com

Employee Members

  1. Ryan Brown – ryan.brown@wasatch.edu
  2. Denise Marshall – denise.marshall@wasatch.edu
  3. Kristi Davis (non-voting)

Meeting Dates

Meetings are in the conference room at J.R. Smith Elementary on three dates during the school year, which will be announced for 2022-23 shortly.