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Kristi Davis
J.R. Smith Counseling 
435-654-2201 x1222 
Kristi Davis Family

"Listen with the intent to understand, instead of the intent to reply."


 Hello!  I was born and raised here in Heber and I am a proud product of J.R. Smith Elementary!  Before coming to J.R., I worked as a high school health/PE teacher and coach for 3 years and then worked as a counselor for 9 years at Independence High School in Provo.  In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, reading, sports and hanging out with my family.  I am really enjoying meeting you and your kids and working with the great staff here at J.R. Smith!

Resources for Parents

School Counseling Permission Forms

Community Resources

  • Wasatch General Resource List
  • Wasatch County Resources COVID-19
  • COVID-19 resources for immigrant families
  • Community Counseling Resources
Happy Kids Reading

Weekend Food Snacks Program

Through this program, packages of nutritious, nonperishable foods are provided to many Wasatch County schools. A designated school employee will load packs of food into children’s backpacks at the end of every week. 

If you would like your kids to participate in this free program, please contact Kristi Davis at kristi.davis@wasatch.edu or 435-654-2201.

School Lunch Tray

Counseling Help by Topic




Anxiety (Separation):

  • 11 maneras de ayudar a la ansiedad por separacion
  • 11 ways to conquer separation anxiety
  • The do’s and don’ts of dropping off your kid

Digital Citizenship








Mindful Exercises

Mindful Breathing

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Grounding Excersise

Coloring Pages

Child Abuse Prevention Program

According to Utah State Law, every year students in elementary school will receive instruction in Child Abuse Prevention. Wasatch School District has partnered with Prevent Child Abuse Utah and Peace House to provide instruction. Parents will be notified of the specific days and times.

Peace House:  http://www.peacehouse.org/

Bullyology Program at J.R. Smith