Wasatch Wellness Weekly - Feb. 3, 2023

Message from Dr. Springer

Happy Fri-Yay, You Wonderful WCSD Parents!


February is upon us! Black History Month, President’s Day, and Valentine’s are pleasant distractions in this cold, cold season. 
I remember my Mom sharing this speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” from Sojourner Truth. As the father of four girls, I will be sharing it with them, too! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 
I don’t remember too many President’s Day stories, but these are kinda interesting

Finally, Valentine’s Day is a one of those holidays we really enjoy or kind of dread. Regardless of how we feel about the holiday, I think we can all agree, the best kind of relationship is a safe relationship. How do we feel safe?
Over many years of conducting parent trainings, I came up with an acronym (built upon the research of the Gottman Institute) to help us feel safe.
S is for Shared Meaning. As we strive for healthy relationships, work to know each other’s dreams and goals. Also, work to get comfortable sharing your own dreams and goals. 
A is for Acceptance. One of the great tricks to a healthy relationship is being able to braid our expectations with reality. We should strive to accept ourselves and each other the way we are. (Obviously, we should never accept abuse or harm in any form.) Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When we don’t accept ourselves or our situations and compare with others, we are robbed of joy. 
F is for Follow-Through. When we say we’re gonna do something or be somewhere, we gotta do that thing and be at that place. When we are inconsistent or flippant about commitment, we lose a sense of safety. In contrast, when we are consistent with our commitments, we gain a greater sense of safety. 
E is for Engagement. Everybody is a little different in their style of engagement with others—and that’s okay. The trick is to be present when we do engage. When we are present, when we listen intently, and we engage authentically, we are building safety in relationships. 
Have a SAFE weekend and enjoy this thoughtful and humorous take from Dr. Brené Brown!

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