Spring Fun!

Dr. Suess Activites and Read Alouds:

How to Draw Dr. Suess Characters-

How to Draw “The Lorax”

How to Draw “Horton”

How to Draw “Thing 1 or 2”

How to Draw “Green Eggs and Ham”

How to Draw the “Cat in the Hat”

Green Eggs and Ham

Reader’s Theater Cards!

Green Eggs and Ham broken up into 20 parts for a quick class readers theater!

Click here for Green Eggs and Ham Readers Theater Cards

 Read Alouds by Miss. Sally:

Green Eggs and Ham

Click here to listen to Green Eggs and Ham read by Miss Sally

After the book go to the how to draw links above and try drawing the Green Eggs and Ham!


Click here to listen to Horton Hatches the Egg read by Miss Sally

After the book go to the how to draw links above and try drawing Horton!

Art Activities with Ms. Brown:

Spring Tree:

Best for any grade 

Spring Tree

Click here for a larger picture of the Spring Tree

Materials Needed: Paper, Crayons, and red and white tempera paint

Directions: Draw tree and grass with crayons (video demonstrates a trick to draw branches), use red and white tempera(washable) to stamp with your finger the blossoms on the tree. A tint is a color that is mixed with white.  So, pink is an example of a tint of red.  There are many shades of pink or tints of red in the tree when you are finished.

Click here to watch Ms. Brown show you how to make a Spring Tree!


Best for 2nd grade and up

cool   warm

Click here for a larger picture of the cool colored example

Click here for a larger picture of the warm colored example

Materials Needed: Dark construction paper, white chalk pastel (or cheaper chalk will work), oil pastels

Video #1: Drawing a Symmetrical Butterfly

Video #2: Blending Colors using Oil Pastels

Click here to watch a timelapse of the life cycle of a butterfly

My Home Town:

Best for 4th grade and up

Materials Needed: Pencil and plain paper (add color using whatever you choose).

If you are interested in particiapting in the Emergence Art Contest and do not have any ideas or if you just want to improve your drawing skills check out this next project! I have included 8 different pictures that represent our hometown.  I put a grid over the top to help you. Below is a video link showing you some tricks to help you draw on a grid.  Drawing on a grid is such a great art skill! In the beginning of the video I show you how to fold a blank piece of paper to end up with a 4×4 grid on any paper. I hope you enjoy practicing drawing on a grid and creating a masterpiece that represents our home! (If you have a different picture you would like to use please email me and I will put a grid on it and post it here!)  

Click here to watch Ms. Brown showing you some tricks to help drawing on a grid!

Horse and Barn  Picture 1   Horses    Picture 2     

Barn  Picture 3   Mt Timp Picture 4    

Cow  Picture 5   Cows  Picture 6  

Train 1  Picture 7   Train 2  Picture 8

Pic  Picture 9   pic 10  Picture 10  


>>>>>MORE ART ACTIVITIES TO COME- Check back again!<<<<<

Music Activities with Ms. Linker:

When Spring Comes:

I really love the sensory exploration in this book.  How do we feel, smell, and hear the environment around us?  This book is a great companion for learning about seasons and the plant life cycle.  A couple fun examples of alliteration are in this story as well.

When Spring Comes read/ sung by Ms. Linker

Over in the Meadow:

Over in the Meadow is a great book that can be used in lots of different ways- for kindergarten and First Grade, it can be used as a counting book.  It also includes the footprints of each animal on each page so I like it for science.  I also really love the soft illustrations in this particular version.  It would be a fun project to discuss the habitat of the meadow-would all these animals really be at home there?  Another fun extension would be to have a small group research each animal presented and find five facts about each one, then share with the rest of the class.  You could also have students select a different animal or environment and create a new rhyme for each number following the format, and illustrate their own class book.    For example:  “Over in the meadow on a warm, mossy gate-lived an old mother lizard and her little lizards eight.  Bask, said the mother.  We bask, said the eight.  And they all basked together on the warm mossy gate.”

Over in the Meadow read/ sung by Ms. Linker

Read Alouds by Miss. Sally: 

Muncha Muncha

Click here to listen to Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

After the book draw what you think will happen next.  If there was a sequal would the Farmer build something or would all the characters work together?  Illustrate a sequal to the story.



Click here to listen to EGG

After the book think about what other animals hatch from eggs.  What other animal could the 4th egg have been? Draw a different ending to the story from your own creative ideas about what would have happened if the egg had been a different animal when it hatched.


Goodbye Winter Hello Spring

Click here to listen to Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

After the book think about how the artist used warm colors to show Spring coming.  Rewatch the book if you need to and watch how the dreary colors from Winter change into warm colors and then bright green and blue to show the change of season.  Draw a winter scene and use warm and bright colors to change your own illustration.


Bloom Boom

Click here to watch BLOOM BOOM!

After the book look for some pictures of flowers to draw. Do NOT just draw what you think a flower looks like- look at some either real flowers or pictures of flowers and draw what you SEE not what you think! I have included some pictures for you to look at and use to draw from observation.

Flower 1               Flower 2                  Flower 3                 Flower 4              Flower 5

Flower 6              Flower 7                  Flower 8                 Flower 9              Flower 10


When Spring Comes

Click here to listen to When Spring Comes

After the book think about something that changes When Spring Comes near you.  Illustrate a timeline as that. changes over time.  Add a background to your drawing.