Sub Plans for May 3rd & 4th


Kindergartners have been learning the elements of art in our Brown Bear Books. This week we will be doing art with the element of shapes. The link below is to a video of Ms. Brown showing students what to do. Please plan on pausing and restarting the video as students need. 

Materials: Brown Bear Books, Crayons, gold liquid watercolor, and paint brushes (please do not pass out until after that part of the video.

Click here for a video of Ms. Brown talking about shapes


First grade will listen to Miss. Sally read When Spring Comes and then they will use pink and brown crayons to create a branch of Spring Blossoms by following along with the ArtHub video. Please plan to pause and restart the video as needed.

Materials: Paper, brown and pink crayons


Click here to watch Miss. Sally read When Spring Comes


Click here to watch an ArtHub on How to draw Spring Cherry Blossoms



Second graders will listen to the book Pirates Love Underpants and then follow along with Ms. Brown to draw a pirate and his treasure on an island. They can then color with any remaining time. Please plan to pause and restart the video as needed.


Click here to listen to Pirates Love Underpants

Click here to watch Miss. Brown show you how to draw a pirate with his treasure


There will be no third graders. You will have all 4 fourth grade classes and the 3rd grade classes will all come when I am back on Thursday and Friday.

Fourth and Fifth:

Fourth and Fifth graders will be working on Zentangling Animals. The video will show them the power point where Ms. Brown will talk about it and explain what to do. While students are working, please play the other video of relaxing music. Ask students to focus with zero talking and notice how they feel.

Materials Needed: Black Outlines of Animals, Pattern Idea Sheets, Sharpies (multiple sizes), quiet music video link


Click here to watch Ms. Brown talk about Zentangling

Click here to listen to quiet music