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    About the Library
    • Library Staff
      Erin Heywood (Library Media Specialist) — erin.heywood@wasatch.edu
      Melissa Olsen (Library Aide) — audrey.lind@wasatch.edu
      Library Hours
      7:30 AM – 3:00 PM
      The library’s mission is to promote literacy and ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information, while supporting the teachers and staff of Wasatch High School.
      Circulation Policies
      Library books are checked out for three weeks and can be renewed one time.
      Two overdue books affect future checkouts until atleast one book is returned.
      English class novels are due the last day of each term.
      Headphones and calculators are a single day checkout.

      Overdue Items

      –Materials must be returned or returned by their due date (see date stamped in the back), otherwise replacement fees will be added to a patron’s account.  It is the student’s responsibility to return library materials on time.
      –Checkout privileges are restricted when the limit of two overdue items has been reached.

      There is no food or drink allowed in the library, study rooms, or lecture hall.

      Rules of Conduct
      Students are expected to observe the “Rules of Conduct” as stated in the Student Handbook.
    Wasatch Reads Cords

    We have a new program here at WHS!  Any student can now earn Wasatch Reads Cords to wear at graduation.   

    To earn the cords, students need to read and log 3,000 pages each school year.  (Upper Classmen, the yearly reading requirements are pro-rated, depending on your grade.  So, regardless of grade level, you’re are still eligible to earn cords by the time you graduate.)

    To participate in the program, students will need to access the READsquared program through Clever.  When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to log pages, track your next reads, and see which books are most popular with other students in your grade. 

    Simply go to www.clever.com, search for our school, and then select “Log in with Office 365.”  Once you’re logged into Clever, click on the READsquared icon to access your Wasatch Reads READsquared account.

    This video will walk you through logging pages and other features in your Wasatch Reads READsquared account: https://youtu.be/u9lPWRNNvec
    Stop by the library, if you have any questions!  We’re excited to see what awesome books you’ve been reading!
    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding This Program:
    Is it 3,000 pages just from now until the end of the year?
    –No, anything you’ve read this school year can count.  You’re fine to log any pages you’ve read from August through the end of the school year.
    Can I count things I’ve read in the past?
    –You can count anything you’ve read this school year.  Feel free to go back and log any book you’ve read since the beginning of the school year.
    Do audiobooks count?
    — Yes!  Audiobooks definitely can count.  Just look on Amazon or simply Google the page count of the book, so you’ll know the correct amount of pages to log.
    Can I count my science textbook?
    — No, textbooks and articles don’t count for this program.  You can count required reading from your classes.  But, it just needs to be from fiction or nonfiction books.
    Can I count an assigned novel in my English class?
    — Yes!  If it’s a fiction or nonfiction book, you’re fine to count it and log the pages.
    Do pages roll over to the next year?  
    — No, students will need to be reading and logging each year.  So, while you may read extra pages one year, those pages would not roll over and count toward your 3,000 pages on other years.
    Can you edit your pages once you’ve entered them if you made a mistake?
    –You’re able to edit titles and authors, if you accidentally make an error entering them.  But, you’re not able to adjust logged pages on your end.  However, Mrs. Heywood can make those adjustments in the program.  So, if you do make a mistake, just reach out to her, either through email or stopping by the library.
    Do have to meet a minimum page count every year, or can I do it all as a senior?
    –You’ll need to meet the minimum page requirement every year.  Being a consistent reader is a good thing.  So, rather than waiting for your senior year, be sure to decide now if you’ll be participating in the program.
    Is it just a program for seniors?
    –No, this is a program for any student.  9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders can all start the program this year, since it’s new and just launching.  The page counts have been pro-rated, based on grade level.  Seniors can participate just this year and earn their cords.  Juniors can participate this year and next year to earn their cords, and so on.
    What if I’m a new student, and I wasn’t here as a freshman?
    –We can easily adjust for any student.  Chat with Mrs. Heywood in the library about any special circumstance.
    • Sora is the student platform for our school’s OverDrive Digital Library.  There are thousands of ebooks and audiobooks available for check out from our digital library, with more titles added every month.  Our digital library is ALWAYS AVAILABLE and makes for super convenient reading with instant check outs and automatic returns.  So, Wasps, let’s get reading!

      To access our school’s digital library, click on the link below, choose “Wasatch School District” from the drop down menu, and login the same way you log into your school laptop:


      NOTE: Your Sora/OverDrive login is the same login you use for your school laptop.  

      EMAIL erin.heywood@wasatch.edu, if you need assistance. We’re happy to help!

    Student Book Club - WHS Library Book Club
    Utah's Online Library
    • Utah Online Library — Overview

      Utah Online Library, formerly known as Pioneer Library, provides access to newspaper articles, magazines, professional journals, encyclopedia, videos, photographs, maps, charts and graphics.

      Some advantages of Utah Online Library include:
         • Access to a collection of rich content resources that grow daily.
         • Convenient to use at home, the public library or school.
         • No cost access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
         • Credible and pertinent resources.
         • No worries about accessing inappropriate or unreliable web sites.
         • Print, email and copy content such as, articles, pictures and maps.
         • All information and images licensed for use in educational projects.

    • Utah Online Library — At Home Access

      In order to use Utah Online Library resources at home, you will need the following information:
      LOGIN: online
      PASSWORD: See Note Below
      Note: The actual password cannot be posted on the web.  But, here’s a clue: When you call 911, you do so because of an emergency.  When you call 411, you do so because you need __________,
      Please see Mrs. Heywood or your English teacher for additional help with password information.  We’re happy to help.
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