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Air Force Junior ROTC

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    For those who are new a brief run down is this class is about being a strong leader, an oustanding person in society, and having fun.

    There are so many things you can do that there is a place for everyone. You can even get graduation credit with the class.

    Here is the less brief run down, AFJROTC is a 3 or 4-year program designed to educate and train high school students in citizenship, promote community service, instill personal responsibility, character, and self-discipline.  The program achieves this through classroom education in aerospace science, leadership fundamentals, drill and ceremonies, health and wellness, and hands-on learning opportunities in a number of fun and challenging extra-curricular activities.  The program is committed to developing values and life skills that will prepare students to become lifelong learners as well as productive members of society.  AFJROTC is not an Air Force recruiting program and cadets are never under any obligation to join the military.  However, AFJROTC cadets who choose to continue their education may qualify for certain college scholarships and other benefits.  

    Advisors: Denise L. Harris, LT Col (ret), USAF

    Daylon Deeds, MSgt (ret), USAF

    Emails: denise.harris@wasatch.edu


    About AFJROTC

    What is JROTC?  Funded by Congress, Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps (JROTC) educates/trains high school students in citizenship, promotes community service, instills responsibility, character, and self-discipline, and provides instruction in air and space fundamentals.  JROTC is NOT an Air Force accessions program and cadets are NEVER under any obligation to join the military.

    Who is JROTC?  A group of about 70 students at Wastach called “cadets”.

    What do I learn?  JROTC provides rigorous instruction in Leadership Education, Aerospace Science, and Wellness and Physical Training.  Leadership Education emphasizes discipline, responsibility, leadership, citizenship, customs and courtesies, communication skills, principles of management and drill.  The Aerospace Science curriculum acquaints students with the principles of aircraft flight, history of aviation, development of air power, contemporary aviation, exploring space, astronomy, geography and cultural studies.

    Who are my teachers?  Lieutenant Colonel Denise Harris and Senior Master Sergeant Daylon Deeds, both retired from the Air Force with over 50 years of combined leadership and management experience.

    When do classes meet?  You sign up for JROTC like any other class and it is a year long class. LDR’s and clubs will meet beofre and after school if you are interested.

    Why should I join?  Students enrolled in JROTC have the opportunity to:

    • Enhance their college/job resume
    • Compete for ROTC scholarships
    • Earn annual JROTC awards at the local/National level
    • Hold various leadership positions and ranks within the unit
    • Gain a unique combination of academics and practical experience
    • Compete in drill and physical fitness competitions
    • Participate in a variety of co-curricular and community service events
    • Enjoy lots of food, fun and friendship!

    2019-2020 Cadet Guide

    This guide has a ton of useful information about the cadet corps: purpose, organization, uniforms, policies, etc. All cadets must read this. If you want to go into more detail before you decide to join, this is a good read.

    One page flyer on AFJROTC
    Detailed Program Info and FAQs
    Tri-Fold about JROTC


    LDRS are like clubs in the program. These are what make this program so much fun. You like running around, doing fun fitness challenges and obstacle course than raider team is for you. You want to learn how to spin a rifle and compete with the cool skill do drill team. You like using your brain, try out academic bowl it’s a competition all around the nation where you answer all sorts of question ranging from math to leadership. You like being creative try model planes, build your plane and you even get to paint it. Is STEM your thing join model rockets where you make and launch your own rocket. There is so much more and this is all exclusive to AFJROTC.

    Uniform Guidelines

    Uniforms and Awards
    Uniforms and Awards: this is the official HQ AFJROTC guidance on uniform wear (and award criteria)

    Grooming Standards
    Grooming Standards Cheat Sheet Handout

    Uniform Guidelines Cheatsheet
    Uniform Cheat Sheet Handout