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Excel Time

What is Excel Time? 

    • Excel Time is a revised program here at WHS that will allow teachers to reteach and help those students who have not mastered the essential skills of a particular course.  And, while some students will be requested to work with specific teachers, others will be able to choose from an offering of academic enrichments.  Every student will have a place to go during Excel time, and every student is required to attend.  (Our Excel Time program here at WHS is similar to our previous Tutorial program as well as the intervention programs at the two middle schools in our district – Stretch Time at RMMS and Shield Time at TMS.) 

    Why are we doing Excel Time?

    • There are some things that every student needs to know before leaving WHS.  And, while class time does allow for teaching, learning, and enrichment, we know not every student masters a concept the first time.  There needs to be additional time built into the schedule to reteach the essentials. 
    • This system is research-based.  High schools across the country run a similar intervention model with great success, so we know this will be a good thing for WHS students. 

    What will the new schedule be? 

    • Excel Time will take place Wednesday and Thursday between 1st and 3rd periods of the day. See Excel Time bell schedule
    • Keep in mind, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday schedules will not change.

    When will Excel Time start? 

    • Excel Time will begin with a “soft open” on Feb 22nd. Teachers will prepare mock Excel Times sessions and request students for closed sessions. Those students who are not requested for a closed session will schedule themselves for open sessions. Students will not attend these sessions on Feb 23rd and 24th. The purpose of the “soft open” is to test the software and procedures used in Excel Time.
    • Assuming a successful “soft open,” students will either select or be requested for real sessions on Feb. 27th and then will attend sessions on the 28th and 29th.

    What is a “session”? 

    • “Sessions” are the classes students will attend during Excel Time.  Sessions will be 29 minutes long and will be offered on a range of subjects.   

    What is the difference between a closed and open session? 

    • Closed Sessions are specifically for those students who were previously assigned to attend.  Teachers determine the information covered in a Closed Session, and they also determine which students need to be there.  Only assigned students can attend a Closed Session. 
    • Closed Sessions might cover subjects like independent vs. dependent variables in science, prepping for the English section of the ACT, solving systems in Math 1, etc. 
    • Open Sessions are open to any student that was not previously assigned to a Closed Session. (Note: Some Open Sessions, due to safety reasons and students needing to know how to work with specific equipment, might be limited to students enrolled in specific courses, ie: Open Sessions held in the wood shop or metal shop.)   
    • Open Sessions might cover subjects like advanced weight training extension, civics text make-up, learning history through film, etc. 

    How will students be assigned to Closed Sessions? 

    • Teachers will assign students to Closed Sessions based on a student’s performance in their class and whether or not they have mastered specific skills and standards. 
    • All students will receive an email on Monday afternoon requesting them to either closed sessions or allowing them to schedule open sessions. 

    How will students register for Open Sessions? 

    • If a student is not requested for a Closed session on one or both days for that week, they will see a link in their email allowing them to choose the open session(s) they will attend.
    • These sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. As sessions fill, they will drop off the list of available Open Sessions.
    • Time will be given at the end of third period each Tuesday to encourage each student to register for Open Sessions. Students can register any time between 4:00 p.m. Monday to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday each week.
    • Pay attention to the description of each Open Session.  Some Open Sessions, ie: those taking place in the woodshop or metal shop, might have a requirement that students already be safety certified or be enrolled in a specific course in order to register.

    How do students use RTI Scheduler? 

    Watch the following video for more information about RTI Scheduler:


    Will attendance be taken during Excel Time? 

    • Yes, Excel Time attendance will be monitored, both in Open Sessions and in Closed Sessions.  Attendance will be recorded in SIS in the student’s G/8 and B/8 classes. These classes are merely a place to record attendance and are named that way to avoid confusion since Excel Time is not held everyday. 

    Is Excel Time mandatory for Seniors? 

    • Yes, participation in Excel Time is expected for all students who have a class scheduled for 2nd period.

    Is there a grade attached to Excel Time Sessions?

    • No, there are no grades attached specifically to Excel Time Sessions, but students will receive UAs for this course according to the school attendance policy. Closed Sessions and select Open Sessions can help students perform better in their regularly scheduled classes, which is why attendance is mandatory. 

    Where do students go, when they have questions about Excel Time? 

    • Excel Time is a schoolwide program.  Students should be able to ask any teacher on campus and receive an answer as to how Excel Time works and functions. 
    • This is a new program for our school.  And, any program affecting 2500 students will have complex aspects.  At any time, students are welcome to reach out with questions.  All WHS teachers are happy to help however they can.