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We have been revisiting school wide rules with our students. We are focusing on four school rules.

  • I can show Integrity
  • I can be Community Minded
  • I can be Responsible
  • I can demonstrate Grit

Our end goal with these rules is to emphasize what a good citizen is both in school and in life. We want students to leave Rocky Mountain as both good thinkers and good citizens. Our history department has helped take the lead on this, and we are excited about the emphasis on citizenship. We have spent the week discussing with students what the first three rules look like around different parts of the school, and we will be emphasizing the importance of showing grit. If you are interested in the matrix we are using, you can find it on this page under Resources. 

We have also purchased a program called PBIS rewards that allows us to give points to students when we notice them being a good citizen. Students will be able to save these points on their iPads, and they can redeem them in a school store. The idea is to reinforce the behaviors we want to see and to help students identify what good citizenship looks like.