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Student Clubs

RMMS Clubs Schedule

After school clubs are 2:25-3:00 unless noted differently.

Monday after school

  • Film Club- (black Mondays) Jones 447
  • Cooking Club- Pearson 141


Tuesday after school

  • Writer’s Club – Mitterling 147
  • Chess Club – Fackrell 206
  • GSA – Gray 201
  • 4H – 3rd Tuesday of every month after school in
    the cafeteria


Tues – Thursday Lunch Time

  • Hacky Sack Club Outside during lunch


Wednesday after school

  • Dante Club (every other week) Miss Heather
  • Mini Marching Band – Bala 427
  • Breakfast of Champions – Esparza’s room 123 (2nd Wednesday mornings of the month)


Thursday after school

  • Dungeons & Dragons – M. Lewis 140
  • Anime – Colson 104
  • Gaming (Thur & Fri) – Gym
  • Chess Club – Fackrell 206
  • Holiday Club – Miss Honey Counseling
  • Snack and Chill – Godding 101
  • Chinese Club – Bleak 145
  • Improv – Jones 333
  • Guitar Club – Folkman 110
  • Gaming Club – Gym
  • GYC – 2nd Thursday of every month after school
    in the Cafeteria

Friday Before School 6am

  • Archery Club – Gym


Friday after school

  • Gaming Club – Gym
  • Lego Club – Sanchez

Archery Club

Each year we have had great success as we build an archery team here at RMMS. Mr. Heaton and Mr. Hill are dedicated to helping the students become successful, socially, emotionally, as well as develop skills in a lifelong sport.

We will have Archery Practice every Friday morning, 6:30 AM in the RMMS Gym. Not the most convenient time for all of us, but not many scheduling conflicts (except for sleep, right).

Below is a link to the permission slip. Please read and sign to give your son or daughter permission. This form must be turned in to either Mr. Hill or Mr. Heaton. The Archery Club fee of $25 needs to be paid to Ms. Ballif in the front office.

Please print and sign the Archery Permission Slip under Resources at the top of this page to participate.

Coaches: Mr. Heaton and Mr. Hill