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K-8 Courses

Wasatch County School District has partnered with Harmony Educational Services in order to offer our students the best individualized online education.

Harmony provides a variety of courses and programs customized to your child’s needs, plus they also coordinate with a broad range of online learning providers.  These providers include K12, Plato, BYU, and Edgenuity and many more, which offers our students additional core and elective opportunities! You’ll have a teacher, a mentor, WCSD support and incredible curriculum!

There is also an Options Day with fun elective classes to complement your child’s education.  It is provided free of charge and allows your child to interact with other amazing students in meaningful classes like karate, sewing, dancing, cooking, etc.

Go to this link to preview the curriculum and start individualizing your child’s education today!

If you wish to participate in this online curriculum, make sure you register with BOTH WCSD’s Wasatch Learning Academy AND Harmony Educational.