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Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Please note the following policies and procedures.  For a full list of district policies, please visit our district web page at Wasatch.edu.

Student Check Out

For the safety and protection of students, checking students out of school requires a parent or guardian to personally come ot the office. The office will call the student from class while the parents signs them out in the Student Checkout Log.


Because we love our children, and we want to keep them safe, we ask that all visitors check in at the office before entering our hallways.

 Student Drop Off and Pick Up

To ensure student safety, please drive slowly in the parking lot at Midway Elementary. Pick up and Drop Off areas are in front of the west side of the school at the parking lot curb.  During these times, please pull all the way forward to allow multiple cars to drop off and pick up at the same time.  Also, please remain in your cars and allow us to help load your children. Children should load on the curbside of your vehicle.  Please note that bus pick up and drop is on 200 South.  During those times, 200 South will be closed to traffic.  200 South is also closed to parking in order for busses to come and go.

Student Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures


In accordance with WSD policy, students are encouraged to attend school every day.  Regular, punctual attendance is important for success in academic achievement.  If your child must be absent, please telephone the office at 435 654 0472.

Dress Code

WSD has dress and grooming standards that apply to all students attending school.  Please remember that students are expected to come dressed for school work.  Any clothing with tobacco, alcohol or inappropriate slogans are in violation of the dress code.  Please help us minimize classroom distractions by avoiding extreme hairstyles or dress.  Bare feet are not allowed.

Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital learning is a priority in Wasatch County School Distrit.  To access our digital resources and computers, students will need to read and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement.

Acceptable Computer Use Agreement


Midway Elementary in accordance with WSD policy will promote a safe and orderly school environment. At Midway Elementary, we believe in being safe, kind, and responsible. We strive to establish an environment where students can learn without unnecessary interuption. Behavior that disrupts the school’s safe learning environment may result in disciplinary action.