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    Principal Jennie Mecham

    Jennie Mecham is a native of Heber City and graduated from Wasatch High School before moving on to Utah Valley University to receive her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She earned a Master’s of Education and her Educational Leadership License from Southern Utah University, and is currently working toward her Master’s in Restorative Practices through the International Institute of Restorative Practices. She has served the students of WCSD for 19 years and has loved every minute of it.  Mrs. Mecham lives in the Heber Valley with her husband and four children who have all attended WCSD schools.

    Regarding her experience within the District, Mrs. Mecham says, “Having grown up in the Heber Valley and attending school here, I know what a great school district we have, and I am honored to be a part of it. Wasatch County School District values every student and every employee of the district. They allow each of us to pull on our strengths and work on our weaknesses. They expect us to excel and they do their best to put the supports in place to help us do so.”

    Mrs. Mecham’s Educational Philosophy:
    “As an educator, I believe that it is essential to hold high expectations for students, both academically and behaviorally. I believe that it is essential to hold high expectations for ourselves in order to ensure that we help our students achieve those high expectations, no matter their struggle. I believe educators are champions for their students. When a student says, ‘I can’t do this’ with love in their eyes, their voice, and their actions, the educator responds, ‘Yes you can, and I will show you how.’ Education is about teaching students and learning from them as well.”


    • Midway Elementary’s faculty want you to know that we care about each and every Wrangler and are committed to helping each of them excel.

      • Midway Elementary is a Model PLC school.
      • Our dedicated faculty and involved community work together to create a safe learning environment that focuses on student relationships and a positive school climate.
      • Midway Elementary emphasizes rigorous instruction with high expectations for all students.
      • Our school has an outstanding parent network (MEPA) that provides a variety of enrichment opportunities for our students including  reading incentive programs, and a variety of literacy based activities.  They strive to put as many books in children’s hands as they can.
      • Midway was named one of the healthiest schools in America by the Alliance for a New Generation.
      • We offer a PE curriculum focusing on lifelong healthy habits taught by a certified PE teacher.
      • Our school utilizes Playworks to provide a recess experience that encourages play, provides a safe place for every student, and teaches prosocial skills.
      • Our school has a Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program.
      • All Day Kindergarten is available to all students in our school.
      • Every Midway student participates in art and music through the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Learning Program.
      • We enjoy a full time counselor who focuses on kindness, social-emotional skill development, and bully prevention.
      • Through excellent school community partnerships, we offer a variety of after- school programs including Skiing, Math Olympiads, Chess,  and Martial Arts.
      • Our educators value and participate in regular professional development in order to improve our ability to help all students excel.
      • All Midway students participate each year in drama and musical performances.
      • A variety of student leadership opportunities are available to our students including Student Government and Playworks Peer Coaching.
      • Our weekly  newsletter is a valuable communication tool.

    Mission & Vision

    Mission Statement

    “All Wranglers cause high levels of learning for themselves and others.”

    Vision Statement

    Midway Elementary is a place where ALL Wranglers learn to grown and excel.

    Collective Commitments

    Midway faculty and staff will help each child reach high levels of learning by

    • Being true to our team by honoring the commitments that we make as a Professional Learning Community.

      • A Commitment to stakeholder clarity about the essential learning outcomes each child must master.

      • A Commitment to using common assessments to measure student learning and inform our teaching.

      • A Commitment to determine student mastery and teacher actions through data-based decision making.

      • A Commitment to do whatever it takes to ensure that each student masters each essential learning outcome.