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School Fees

General Information

If you have any questions about school fees, please contact the school Financial Secretary at
435-654-0550. You may also pay over the phone, make payment arrangements, or reach out for any other questions.

Fees can be paid online via or in the office with cash, check or credit card (3% transaction fee)


Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers are approved based on income using previous years tax returns or 3 months of most recent check stubs. Turn in documents with completed Fee Waiver Application to the front office. You can find the fee waiver application on this page under Resources.

Las exenciones de tarifas se aprueban en función de los ingresos utilizando declaraciones de impuestos de años anteriores o 3 meses de los talones de cheques más recientes.

Entregue los documentos con la Solicitud de exención de tarifas completada en la oficina principal.