Old Mill Administration

A Warm Welcome to the Old Mill Elementary Families: 

It is an honor to join the ranks of Old Mill Elementary!  The rich culture and traditions of this institution are legendary.  I look forward to being able to continue, and build upon, those achievements.  The success of this school in both the academic and social aspects has come as a result of parents, educators, and students working together towards common goals.  The opportunity to be a part of that process, and to continue to raise expectations and provide opportunities for students, is something I am proud to continue.  The Old Mill family is just that, a family.  Looking out for each other in every way remains an ideal I am committed to.   

I believe in every student’s ability to succeed at high levels.  I also believe that learning how to succeed at high levels can become a habit.  And that ability is directly related to my why as an educator.  Every student is a citizen of our school and local communities.  One day they will be citizens of a broader community including our county, state, nation, and beyond.  Helping students to develop habits of success is key to creating adults who be able to take advantage of all the opportunities these communities have to offer.  I will continue to uphold the systems and high expectations that allow all students to take advantage of high levels of learning during their experience here at Old Mill Elementary.   

Please check out our Old Mill Elementary website.  We know everyone has busy schedules; therefore, we want to keep everyone in the loop to allow families to plan for and attend school events.  We will enter all dates for events and activities in the “Calendar” feature.  Additionally. we have SIS, our Student Information System, where you can log in and see who your child’s teacher is, make changes to student information, and keep tabs on your student’s progress of Essential Standard Mastery over time.  You will also find useful information on our school Facebook and Instagram pages which will include updates, school and student celebrations, and quick announcements.  Also please consider donating $20 per family to our school activity fund (the small envelope included in the packet).  We use this money to purchase student prizes and resources for all kinds of events throughout the year.  Every dollar goes back to the kids in one way or another.  

It is an honor to wear the green shirt and call myself an Old Mill Elementary Owl!  


LaNay King  
Principal, Old Mill Elementary  
“Chief Owl”