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Wasatch Alternative High School Administration

LaNay King, Wasatch High School Assistant Principal who serves at Administrator for Wasatch Alternative High School, has worked in Wasatch for 15 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and an M. Ed in Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University, and an M. Ed in Education from Southern Utah University. A native of Orem, Mrs. King graduated from Orem High School.

Intervention Plan

Wasatch High School Systematic Academic Interventions
The steps below are progressive—previous steps continue as new steps are added.

Step 1

  • professional learning communities
  • clear learning goals posted on Canvas
  • professional, nurturing relationships
  • high-quality instruction
  • targeted assessment
  • competency-based grading
  • weekly Canvas updates
  • parent contact

Step 2

  • additional time and support to demonstrate learning
  • differentiated instruction
  • directed intervention time by student by standard
  • consultation time
  • before and after school tutoring
  • notify students eligible for credit recovery

Step 3

  • attendance monitoring
  • academic monitoring
  • counselors check failing grades each quarter
  • counselors meet with every student yearly
  • counselors review every senior’s credits each term
  • schedule modification
  • Literacy Support
  • Guided Study
  • Study Skills
  • ELL Content Support
  • Night School / Summer School
  • eSchool

Step 4

  • Conference with Administrator
  • Individualized Academic Plan
  • Wasatch Alternative

Step 5

  • Wasatch Alternative
  • Transition Counseling
  • Work Release

Step 6

  • Adult Education