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Enclosed is helpful information to assist you when needing to request a Substitute.  As part of this program, you will use the Kelly Frontline System which allows you to log absences via the Internet or phone—24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Follow the steps outlined below to access the Frontline training and set up your Frontline account.

  1. Enter the link below to access the video on how to use Frontline and enter an absence.

  1. Go back to review all or part of this training at any time.


To begin accessing Frontline to create absences you will receive an email from FRONTLINE EDUCATION with instructions. From there you will create your personal username and password. After you have created your, credentials you will be able to access Frontline to create your absences.


You should have received an email invitation from Frontline Education to access Absence Management. If you did not receive the invitation, please check your spam/junk folder. If the invitation has expired or you haven’t received an email, please, contact your school secretary or reach out to 1-800-714-3076.

After receiving the email follow the prompts.

  • Click Create a Frontline ID to continue. 
  • Your Username must contain 1 alpha character and at least 4 total characters.  You can potentially use your email address, first initial and last name or other.
  • The password must have 1 alpha character, 1 number or special character and a total of 8 characters.
  • You must provide an email address to provide a means for password recovery.
  • Once your UserName and Password are created, you can login into the Absence Management site on the internet at  Select the Employee Login link at the top right of the page to be directed to the Frontline sign-in page.  
  • After creating your Frontline ID you can download the FREE Frontline Education app from either Apple or Google app stores. This makes it easy and convenient when needing to create an absence. 


The Fulfillment Team is a group of dedicated, live support staff.  This team is designed to be a back up to the Frontline system.  Their hours are Monday through Friday, from 5am-5pm, MT.  and can be reached at

800-714-3076 – Option 1.

  • For absences that are same day or less than 1 hour prior to school starting.
  • Enter any absences where you are having trouble with the online or IVR systems.
  • To request a specific substitute if you do not have the contact information or have not spoken to the substitute directly.
  • To cancel a past absence (Campus User can also assist)


Each school has a dedicated Campus User that can assist you.  These are often your principal secretary.

  • If you are going to be absent, long term (15 or more consecutive days) be sure to contact your secretary & fill out the long-term request link.  Even if you have already prearranged your sub this long-term form needs to be submitted so the substitute can receive long term pay. Identify the name of the sub you’ve arranged or if you need Kelly to find a qualified candidate.
  • Changes such as absence reason, editing notes on an absence made with more than 1-hour prior to the assignment start time can be done by the school employee.
  • If you need to make changes to your information in Frontline (name change, email, title, etc.) or email.


  • Substitutes can see absences 120 days in advance. The more lead time we can provide the stronger the chance of a fill. This is especially important for high absence days involving district training/meetings.
  • Add helpful information into the notes field for the Substitute. What is the agenda for the day? Helpful hints for their success?
  • Please be sure to extend current absences if additional days are needed on a long-term assignment. Creating a new long-term absence weekly creates payroll issues. This will apply if the same substitute will be supporting and extension to their current absence.  (Campus User or Kelly Team can assist you)
  • After each absence you have the option to leave feedback on your substitute. This is helpful information to share with our substitutes. (Please note: If there are any major issues that arise in your classroom, please provide a written statement and have your principal and/or secretary notify us so we can handle it in a prompt manner.)
  • Leave a detailed lesson plan, behavior plans and seating chart to help set your substitute up for success.

 Know someone who wants to become a substitute?

Refer them to  enter zip code & “search jobs” to apply to a job posting or direct them to call 1.800.714.3076 -Option 2

If you have any issues accessing this training link or logging in, please contact our fulfillment team @ 1.800.714.3076 – Option 1.

Thank you,
Kelly Education